Military-Friendly Realtor...

Because I am Military.

Providing real estate services to our nation's veterans, servicemembers, and their families. For those looking to utilize their VA benefits to secure a home, refinance their existing VA home loan, and connecting people with VA lenders.

Any commissions earned through real estate services that I provide to you go to both my own civil-military engagement non-profit 501(C)4, as well as any veteran/military-based charity of your choosing. Why is that? Explanation in the about section.

About OVR

Colin Marcum

Principal Broker with Sundance Realty

Licensed in Oregon

Looking to Buy or Sell

Are you a servicemember, veteran, or surviving spouse:

  • Looking to utilize the VA Home Loan program to purchase your house.
  • Looking to purchase real estate using a non-VA-approved mortgage.
  • Looking for an investment or other non-residential property.
  • Looking to sell your property or refinance.
  • Or just looking for some real estate advice and need a fellow veteran with expertise to help you.

Then drop me a line, and we can hash things out and see what works for your future.

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3D Real Estate Scanning

For homeowners, clients, or Realtors looking to have their property turned into a 3D model for virtual tours. This includes not only agents marketing their exclusive listings, but also owners of establishments that want the ability to present their apartments, compounds, bars, entertainment facilities, etc., to the public to draw in potential clients and customers. These scans can be embedded on business websites, and even shared amongst other sites - like,, and Google Street View.

Capabilities that we can provide to those interested:

  • 3D Interactive Scans
  • Virtual Tours
  • 4K Photography
  • Digital Measurements
  • Top-Down Floorplans
  • 2D Schematics (Optional)

3D Scanning Prices and Inquiry